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Chiropractic Care

By Appointment Only

Dr. Lambert is an experienced Upper Cervical Physician that has the knowledge and innate gift of unlocking the body's own ability to heal itself. He utilizes a combination of several different techniques in order to restore this healing process. 


The most significant is the procedure which focuses on properly aligning the top two bones under the skull to their natural position. This upper cervical technique is accomplished by using a percussive sound wave specifically aligned on exact coordinates which are derived from three dimensional cervical xrays.


When these two joints are in their correct position, an atmosphere is altered and the body begins to heal & work more efficiently. 


To learn more about Dr. Lambert and his work, please clink here:


​Due to limited workspace only established patients can be seen at this office. All first time patients will need to be seen at his clinical practice in Brandon. 


Please call (813) 655-2829 to set up your initial appointment with Dr. Lambert.


Established patients that wish to be seen at Salt And Light Healing Wellness Studio can book online, 


Dr. Lambert will be seeing established patients at Salt and Light Healing Wellness Studio on  Mondays from 8:30am to 4:00pm

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